Traits are things that are not easily expressed in your character’s attributes or skills that nontheless affect how she interacts with her world. You can choose Traits during character generation to round out your character. Every trait has a “cost” associated with it, which reflects how beneficial or harmful it is overall.

Based on cost, traits are divided into one of three categories.

  • Addictive Personality It came like magic in a pint bottle; it was not ecstasy but it was comfort. Your character has a highly addictive personality, lending itself to alcoholism, drug abuse, and other forms of over indulgence. She likely has a few things she needs, such as her morning coffee, a smoke every few hours, or those precious ...
  • Flaws Flaws are generally harmful to your character, and have negative costs.
  • Talents Talents are generally beneficial to your character, and have positive costs.
  • Quirks Quirks are a mixed bag; they are neither always harmful nor always beneficial, depending on the circumstances. Quirks always have a zero cost.

You may select as many traits as you please during character generation, with the stipulation that, when you are done, the sum of the costs of all traits is zero. This means that, if you select a number of talents whose costs add up to a certain amount, you must generally also select a number of flaws whose costs add up to an equal and opposite amount. Since Quirks generally have no cost, you can select as many of these as you like without worry.

You may also offset trait costs with attribute points, if you would prefer not to select other traits. If the net cost of your traits is positive, then you must “spend” a number of attribute points equal to this cost. You may spend these points from any attributes you choose. This spending permanently reduces the fixed levels of those attributes. If, on the other hand, the net cost of your traits is negative, you are allowed to add a complementary number of points to your attributes to offset this negative cost. You can allocate these “bonus” points among your character’s attributes in any way you like.

Under most circumstances, you may only select traits during character generation. Only in rare circumstances, at the Moderator’s discretion, may you have an opportunity to select an additional trait during a campaign. The costs traits selected during a campaign need not necessarily be offset by other traits or attribute points. These traits, when they are given, are “freeby” traits that your character develops as a consequence of the story. Story circumstances may also remove traits your character was given at character generation. Either of these events should be rare.

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