The term “species” is largely obsolete.  And yet, in an age of ambiguity, it serves as a sort of touchstone.  One’s “species” is the ancestral group from which one’s modern clade originally diverged, whether or not speciation has occurred within that clade in any technical sense.

People refer now to the “human species” for instance, as that intelligent clade that hails from Earth, as opposed, to, say, the Chelaran “species”, or the Khi’t’tra “species”, even though in all three cases the term “species” is tragically overspecific.

No matter.  Words are less important than meaning.  We are what we are, and they are what they are.  And what we are is different from what they are in important ways that we choose to identify with obsolete terms.

At any rate, I’m sure the Meridiani have a better term for it by now.

Known Species of the Terran Expansion

  • Khi’t’tra The Khi’t’traa are a species plagued forever by the ill fortune of their past. Once prolific in their civilization and prosperous in their culture, they have been reduced by ages of enslavement and genetic “retooling” into creatures of pillage and destruction. Now, even a million years after the fall of their conquerors’ reign, the surviving ...
  • Human It’s a sign of insufferable narcissism to go on at length about oneself.
  • Chelaran These closely communal creatures boast the longest period of civilized history of any known species in the Milky Way. They seldom interact directly with other intelligent species, content in their independence and universally committed to their policy of isolation from the affairs of the galaxy beyond their territorial borders. Their civilizations are founded on the precepts ...

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