Sometimes I think about how easy it would be to sleep for centuries and let this miserable world pass me by. I’d do it … but I’m afraid of what I’d find when I wake up.


While many are fighting a war without any real cause, the Sleepers are waiting for the troubles to pass them by. Sleepers have the ability to place themselves into deep, long sleeps, conserving energy and resources for long periods of time — legends say even centuries. When life becomes to difficult or dangerous, or when they simply want to disappear, Sleepers can set a course for a distant star and close their eyes until they get there. The only catch is waking up. Sleepers often find themselves in new and foreign places when they wake, and have to adapt themselves quickly in order to survive.


Plasticity (?)

A sleeper gains 90% of his or her experience back when atropheing or forgetting an attribute or skill, instead of the usual 50%. Over time, this experience can be spent on learning new skills or developing new attributes in place of the old, subject to the usual attribute/skill advancement rules.







Social Characteristics

Clade Relations

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