A vacant residence is still a residence. No sense in letting a perfectly good body go to waste.


Golems are the inevitable result of shifting societal trends driven by new technology. As soon as a reciprocal technique to uploading appeared, the first Golems began to come out of the woodwork. They are biological bodies (human or otherwise) temporarily inhabited by the mind of an upload or AI, created in much the same way as a Changeling, but using an artificial or uploaded mind as a source. Many uploads view Golems as backward abominations — what fool, offered immortality in a perfect transcendental form, would turn back to embrace the fragile meat of his ancestry? Others view them as an opportunity for a good time. Why not spend a week “roughing it” in a biological glove, to gain a better appreciation of your virtual nature? Still some others — many times Golems themselves who have realized, in recapturing their biological essence, what they once lost in abandoning it — recognize the Golems as an important link between humanity’s biological past and its transcendental future. Most biological entities, however, fear becoming the next thrall to a Golem’s mind to view them as much more than a perversion of the natural order — a thing to be shunned and safely hated from afar.


Polymorphism (10)

Nightvision (5)

Metabolic Efficiency (5)

Your character has an extremely efficient metabolism, allowing her to go longer without rest, food, or water. She metabolizes food and water more efficiently, but this can unfortunately lead to a state of toxicity, as she will retain fluids and nutrients for considerably longer when her body hits crisis mode. She is also able to enter a sort of survival coma in which she can sleep away long periods of time without food or water. She can revive from this coma without any permanent damage in most cases.

Warm Blooded (2)

Your character can tolerate temperatures as low as -10 degrees C without any permanent damage, but has considerably less tolerance for heat. She starts feeling the effects of heat 50% sooner than other characters. This ability allows her to keep a more efficient ship by not requiring as much heat, with the exception of running the A/C when things get hot!

Plasticity (6)

Your chracter has the ability to forget attrophied skills and retain 90% of the experience points for reuse instead of the usual 50%.

Virtual Interface (10)

Regeneration (6)

Your character regenerates Health Rating damage at double the normal rate. Wounds healed in this fashion leave no scarring, and even limbs that have been completely severed can be regenerated within a matter of a few months.


Timesharing (-10)

EMP Succeptibility (-10)

Cheap Date (-3)

Your character has only half of the regular tolerance for toxins. She is a quick drunk, reacts strongly to all kinds of pharmaceuticals, and is easily poisoned.

Baseline Rejection (-5)

Your character has an enhanced immune system that all but rejects any cybernetics or implants — even organs if they are not perfectly matched. She may not even know about it until she first tries to use one.

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