We breakĀ things.


Bred to be the footsoldiers of the Elderworlds military, the Elementals represent the primeval stengths of humanity. Strong, swift and cunning, these beasts-among-men make fearsome warriors on the field of planetside combat. Frequently enhanced by cybernetics, their carefully refined musculatures and dense skeletal structures make them formidable even without the host of high tech weaponry they commonly carry. They outperform even the most advanced robotic soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. While generally incapable of independent strategizing, the formidable strength and unmatched military zeal of an Elemental soldier makes him a force to be reckoned with in any situation.


Regeneration (5)

The character is able to heal damage at 10 times the normal rate. Physical injury does not result in scarring, and the character is capable of regenerating lost limbs within a timeframe of a few months (depending on the extent of the limb lost.)

Berserker (6)

The character can exchange one variable point of will to add one point to the variable rating of any physical attribute. These attributes will begin to recover immediately at the standard conditional rate.


Grunt Ethic (-5)

The same qualities that make Elementals such effective and loyal soldiers also makes them notoriously dimwitted and slow to learn. The intelligence and wits attributes of Elementals are capped at 20, instead of the ordinary 30 for humans, meaning that these attributes cannot naturally exceed these values. Furthermore, Elementals are incapable of betraying the organization that bred them. They are instinctually motivated to remain loyal to their “parents” and will sooner kill themselves than act against whatever group or government gave them life. If faced with an inescapable situation in which an Elemental must betray a group they are “imprinted” to (as in, the Elemental is instinctually loyal to both sides in an armed conflict) have the Elemental character roll a will check against a difficulty of 30. If unsuccessful, the Elemental will incapacitate himself by any means available, even if it may result in his death.






Social Characteristics

Clade Relations

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